Thursday, June 11, 2009


...we're all here. Back. We have moved back into our house, and finally have internet again. (For those who are wondering what the heck has been going on, and why we've moved so much... we own a house that we rented out when we were in Vancouver. When we left Vancouver, and came back home, we had to wait for our tenants to move out -- they were kind of jerky, and refused to leave early -- we were living in a teeny tiny apartment. But, now we are back in the house that we have had since before Quinn was born. It feels good. And weird.)

This means that I can also finally get photos onto the computer again. Hurrah! But, give me a few days, will you? We've been working our patooties off (with much-needed -- and appreciated -- help from my in-laws) painting, gardening, unpacking, etc-ing.

It finally feels like summer, so we're all off for a bike ride to partake in some Mexican food. Enjoy the day, lovelies! I'll be back this weekend with more.