Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We have arrived. The weekend we got here, the temperatures were a cool -30 C. Yeah. The weather has improved since, but there is still heaps of snow, and the temperatures are still hovering just below zero, with a warmish day now and again to taunt us, and coax us out of doors. In fact, on a trip to the library last week on one of the aforementioned warm days, Little Q was frolicking through puddles, when he slipped on a patch of ice, well concealed beneath the murky water, and dove face-first right into the puddle, soaking himself through. The next day, the puddle had entirely frozen over again.

We are staying in a temporary home right now with nearly all of our belongings packed away in a storage facility (in another city), which is proving to be an interesting adventure.

Since I have not yet figured out how to load pictures from our camera onto the laptop (it's been a month, I should really figure this out), I will instead share with you a few of my (recent) favorite internet finds. Just for fun, and to take my mind off the teeny shoebox we are sleeping in, wherein we can hear both our neighbours partying to the right of us, and quarreling to the left.

Let's begin, shall we?

These adorable mary janes were such a steal, I couldn't help but scoop them up (virtually, of course).
Photo courtesy of Nerdy Bird Vintage

I have been wishing and hoping for this print for some time. Perhaps I will treat myself when we move into our permanent residence.
Image courtesy of Jen Skelley

With all our belongings stored away, the kids were beginning to get restless. A quick order was placed, and we just received a lovely, and much-needed package full of art supplies from a most wonderful shop. We already have some of their goodies (the rock crayons are a favorite), but it is of my opinion that the more art supplies one has, the better! (Not to mention that our beloved rock crayons, among every other colouring item, are in boxes.) Amidst a few other lovelies, we got some paints, and brushes.

Images courtesy of Stubby Pencil Studio

And, lastly, a happy thought to leave you with, and a print that will surely be gracing my walls in the near future.

Image courtesy of dazeychic

Enjoy the last few days of March, and Happy Spring, my friends!


becka said...

Hmm, and also some of your rock crayons are at our house! Haha, just a wee keepsake I guess.

I've always loved that last print (buy it, buy it) and I must agree that you can never have too many art supplies. Even if just to smell the new paper and pencils. Bliss!

Amber Csar said...

Love the print. I totally burst into giggles.

Please keep blogging, even without photos, we miss you ladie!

New paper smell Becka hush! We shall walk the isles at staples, I promise :)

Melissa said...

Those shoes are super cute!

Thanks for that link to the crafty store. I'm going to order some rock crayons for Easter baskets! What a cool website. :)

13mimosa said...

But where have you landed - Alaska?