Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring back.

Hello, friends!

Still no new pictures (only a month or so left, I promise!), so for the next little while I'm going to focus on last year. Photos that never made it on the blog, because, well, I didn't have this blog.

So. Here goes.

From last April. We had sushi in the backyard on papa's lunch break. We played in the grass, drew on the sidewalk, and cuddled. A good day.

Here's hoping the weather takes a turn for the better soon.



Amber Csar said...


Sushi and sidewalk chalk! That means it must have been chalky sushi...haha. I love the muted colours of chalk. Sweetness.

becka said...

I can't wait to see new photos of you guys! Richard and I were just saying yesterday how strange it was that we haven't seen you all for so long, after it being at the very least once a week.

We miss you!