Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello friends. I know I am supposed to be on a moving break, but nonetheless I had to poke around a bit here. You may notice that the blog has a bit of a new look! It's not completely finished it's wee overhaul yet, but I've added a list of books and music that we are currently obsessing over, so take a peek! We've been practically living at the library lately. When we're not there, we're at home reserving books online. Loveliness.

Other things:
- Q has started soccer for the first time, and it is really entertaining and adorable.
- Our house in Vancouver finally sold, and the new owners took possession last week. Hallelujah!
- We've started this year's gardening adventure, and have so far planted pole beans, green beans, shell peas, snow peas, rhubarb, two kinds of tomatoes, and mint. Unfortunately our tenants are still living in our house, and we are still in the cave-like apartment, so all our gardening is, for now, being done on the tiny tiny balcony.
- On that note, the tenants are finally moving out in precisely two weeks. Hurrah.
- Also, gardening-related, it looks like spring is taking it's sweet-ass time this year. It snowed last week, and the forecast is calling for snow twice this week. I am not impressed. The snow doesn't stick, and is usually surrounded by days of 17 degree weather, but seriously. Spring and I need to have a talk.
- I've started the popular baking soda/ apple cider vinegar routine instead of shampooing. I only wash my hair once every couple weeks anyways, and so far it's been good! I also bought the ingredients yesterday to make Angry Chicken's famous deodorant. I'll probably make it tonight or tomorrow and keep you posted on the results.

Okay. A friend and I are doing a bit of thrifting today, and then the family and I are off to meet the newest member of a dear friend's family. Welcome baby Owen!

I hope you are all enjoying your (long) weekend!


Amber Csar said...

I'm loving your new blog, and I'm loving even more that I see a new post!

Yipee. Looks great.

Alanna said...

Love the new look! I can't wait to check out some of the book and music suggestions, they all look great. (Grandfather Twighlight was a favorite growing up... I'll definitely have to hunt that one down again.) And good luck with your garden and settling in to your new home!

ella said...

hello!! i'm so slow to catch up around here. the gardening sounds lovely despite Spring's delay. Please let me know how the deodorant goes. i've been wanting to try that. i did the hair wash thing for a couple months and it went pretty well. i'll try it again if and when i cut my hair.
Congratulations on selling your home. that must be a great relief.
miss you guys!!!
xo E.

Urban Environmentalist said...

Love the new look for the blog! Good luck with your hopefully last move for awhile. It will be nice to settle in finally.

I've been dying to read Last Child in the Woods! How is it?!

Theresa Hannah said...

Yay, love that you're back to semi-regular blogging...although maybe now that it's stopped snowing, and you'll be moving/gardening, you'll be too busy to post much...which is totally ok, go, enjoy the summer! I'll join you! Oh, and Owen is thrilled to be mentioned!