Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting Crafty

Chilly temperatures, and a mama that is too tired and heavy to do much in the way of outdoor fun these days, means that we've been spending time inside, getting crafty. The watercolours make an almost daily appearance, and these books have been dusted off as we work our way through whatever projects capture the attention of the littles.

A few projects from the last week:

Wet-felted roving balls, "for the baby". These are quickly becoming a favorite. The weight and size of the balls is perfect, and wrapping them in yarn scraps makes them a treat for the eyes. I'm addicted.

A wee bunny:

And a nature mobile for the boys' bedroom (to help convince us that spring truly might be around the corner...)
(I can't take credit for the Spring Fairy. She is beautifully made by the lovely people at MapleRose)

What is keeping your hands busy these days?


jodi said...

beautiful! we've been at the beach and lazying about in the shade - reading and quietly playing. I'm eager to start knitting again but the humidity is so high that the thought of holding yarn is unimaginable. It's just so hot! Hope you are feeling well - slowing down in preparation. How exciting

Alanna said...

Thanks so much for the book recommendations! I've been looking for something like that for new ideas to keep us occupied on these dreary, drizzly days. We've been doing a lot of baking lately, especially breads and muffins. Wishing you the best as your due date draws near!

Anna said...

What lovely crafts!
We've been doing a lot of homemade play dough.

Urban Environmentalist said...

I've been scouring all nearby libraries for the creative play toddlers book. I'm definitely in need of some ideas to keep my little man busy and out of trouble! The photos are inspiration to get back into the crafts. We took a brief hiatus after we tried painting and of course more paint was being almost eaten than put on the paper.