Sunday, March 28, 2010

Off the Needles: Coraline

I cast on for this sweater at the end of December, and worked on it occasionally over the next couple months. In the last two weeks of pregnancy, I got back into it, and really did most of the work on it in those two weeks, and the first week after Guthrie's birth. (Because, if you're going to spend the day in the rocking chair, staring at a sweet newborn face, you'd might as well be knitting, right?)

I am completely in love with the sweater. I have worn it quite a few times, and it is perfect. I am already planning another one. The pattern (by Ysolda Teague) is very well-written and easy to follow. And, although I was initially apprehensive about the colour (that Ms. Becka talked me into buying over a year ago), I am completely enamored with it now. It's sunshine!!

This sweater = happiness.


Born to be Vegan said...

I love your sweater! Did you make the hat you are wearing too? Its beautiful. I've been thinking about taking up it hard to learn?

Karen said...


becka said...

It's so lovely Julie, that colour is fantastic on you!

Anna said...

Beautiful! Love the sweater and the color, and mama, you look great!