Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In the kitchen

It has been a busy few weeks around these parts. We've had a few frosts already, which means we (read: my husband) had to work hard to get the garden out of the ground quickly. We were pleased to have a decent harvest of carrots and potatoes, but very upset that all 16 of our tomato plants fell victim to this. We've managed to save precious few, and my grand plans of canning sauces, salsas and straight-up tomatoes have been crushed.

That said, we have been enjoying the rest of our harvest. Though it certainly isn't enough to get us through the winter, it will get us by for a while. We hope to double our garden next year.

My in-laws brought us some big cases of organic B.C. fruit when they came through here a couple weeks ago. The middle child had taken to eating plums, and then throwing the pits haphazardly around the room. I was finding pits everywhere. Hello, can we say baby choking hazard? Yes. So, needless to say, the plums came to a swift end.

Can I just say that we are at jam capacity? Saskatoon jam, blueberry lavender jam, and now plum jam. Our pantry is slowly but surely being taken over by jam. (For the record, the blueberry lavender is still my fave.)



Born to be Vegan said...

I just tried a new tea the other day and I totally though of you. Its called Rooibos de Provence. Its a blend of rooibos, rosehip, black currants, rose leaves, lavender, raisins, red currants, rose petals and dried blueberries. Its fantastic and since you love the flavour of lavender in so many things I thought you'd love this tea. I get it at Davids Tea - I actually bought it for my Mom for christmas and had a cup at her house and loved it so now I have to go get some of my own.

Hope all is well!

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Kristy said...

Might I say I'm missing reading your blog and hearing about your sweet lads! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :)