Thursday, November 12, 2009

Part 5, Creating

The last 8 months have been a whirl of creating. I have knit myself sweaters, knit shawls for auctions, sewed up birthday gifts for littles, and done a whole lot of other creating that I don't even recall. (Hop on over to Ravelry if you're keen to take a peek! I'm 'thelittlemama'... creative, right?)

But. I must confess. I have been creating a something very special for the past few months that I have been very excited to share with you.
In just over 3 months (think late Feb/ early March), we will have a brand new, sweet-smelling, woolen-clad babe in our midst.
We're all so very excited!
(And, while we're on the subject of creating, I did knit the hat and scarf. Ha!)



Michelle said...

CONGRATS!!! wonderful news!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful little secret you've been keeping. ;) Congrats, Mama!!! You look adorable.

Amber said...

Have I told you how beautiful you are! Inside and out. I cannot wait to meet your newest creation.

Healthy and happy thoughts to you.

Ella said...

oh my goodness...just thinking of you this evening and what a lovely surprise. Congratulations. i'm super happy for you.

Alanna said...

Wonderful news! And what beautiful, sweet photos. Late Feb/early March is a great time to have a baby (my daughter was born Feb 28)... it's so lovely to have a babe at the dawn of spring, when all is being reborn. Many congrats to you and your growing family!

becka said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Urban Environmentalist said...

Awww congrats!!! Can't wait to hear news of the newest little one!! The pictures really are beautiful